What even is tubulovillous?

At the end of my Colonoscopy last time, I was told that the large Polyp that had been removed would be sent away for URGENT testing, what with my family history and all! I assumed urgent to mean a few weeks wait, however at the end of May after about 6 weeks waiting i received the letter i was eagerly awaiting.  It was a letter I had been copied into that was actually addressed to my doctor.  I can’t even begin to explain the panic it caused me.  Not once did it explain in everyday terms what it was trying to say.  It advised that the 25 mm Polyp that was excised from the ascending colon is suggested to be a tubulovillous adenoma with low grade dysplasia with areas of focal high grade dysplasia.  Is it just me or does that sound like the words “You have cancer”?!


The reason i knew full well that it wasn’t saying that or at least i hoped, was because they wouldn’t have sent me a letter with that on. I’d of been in there the next day for scans and all sorts.  It also says as part of the letter that i needed to go back in 3 months for another colonoscopy so it can’t have been that bad, but the fact i needed to go back so soon worried me.  I spent the night speaking to my brother, panicking one of my best friends who is a doctor in training and crying on hubbies shoulder. I emerged the next day with a clearer head on what the letter meant and booked an appointment with my doctor, who confirmed what my best friend had told me, that yes the polyp had changes in it that had it of not been found could well, and probably would have turned into cancer, but being as it was my first Colonoscopy they don’t know if that had taken a few weeks to grow or my entire 32 years of life.

On Monday I took the beautiful tasting bowel prep for the second time.  A different variety and no way near as bad as last time’s which was a bonus. I donned my stunning hospital gown  once more yesterday and went in for the scope, however it was torture this time.  I can’t and don’t want to go into detail but for different reasons it took over 4 hours.  It should never take that long and today i am feeling the consequences.  I am so groggy from the extra sedation and pain killers and the bowel prep is still errr running through me. One of the reasons it took so long is because they couldn’t find the site where the large polyp was removed and normal procedure is for the area to be tattooed upon removal so that next time it is easier to find however he searched every nook and cranny in there and could not find my one and only tattoo. His analysis in the recovery room was to tell me that whilst he was sure there was nothing there and he was happy with how the procedure went, that because he couldn’t find the tattoo he wants me back a lot sooner. He wants another chance to find the tattoo to make sure that nasty polyp hadn’t started to grow back so…. October, 3 months, see you then laxatives!!!


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