A Waiting Game!

Well my brother got the news today that he has Lynch Syndrome. I don’t know anywhere near enough about it as i should so i know what my weekend is going to consist of. Its basically a gene mutation where your cells are more likely to turn into cancer. Its a hereditary syndrome, which means either mum or dad passed it down so they will be checking me for the same thing.  The good news…. they know what they are looking for. The bad news… its flipping scary! I have a 50% chance that i inherited the same gene and there is a 50% chance if i do have it that i’ll have passed it on to my son. 

I had my Colonoscopy a few weeks ago which was horrendous on its own, let alone that they found two polypys which were sent off for testing so i may need to go through it all again in a matter of months.

I hate all the waiting around. I think its safe to say that ill be having colonoscopy’s regularly for the rest of my life! Bring on the Laxatives!


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