I don’t know how to help!

I imagine it’s hard for anyone to know exactly how to help or what to say when someone they love is going through Chemotherapy.

It doesn’t help when you add on the fact that they are 300 miles away.

Other than sending cute drawings my 4 year old makes for his uncle and sending our love, there’s not much we can do from down here.

My brother started his second round of chemo last week so i decided to send him a little care package. Noah did him a drawing and made him a super hero mask and i did research for the kind of things he might need. Most of it was probably useless but i have a feeling that it was the true meaning of “its the thought that counts”!

I’d love nothing more than to jump on a plane and go up there to just spend the day with him and give him a hug, not for any reason other than sometimes you just need a big brother hug. But fow now the drawings that don’t make sense and the magazines will have to do!


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