Once is enough, twice is too much!

So we know the stats, one in every 2 people will get cancer. How scary is that??? I wish i could say that i don’t believe it but unfortunately in a family of 4, 2 members of ours have proved that statistic! 

It started around 4 years ago. My dad found out he had bowel cancer through a series of unfortunate events that began with him falling off a 6ft roof! Luckily it was caught early and although he went through an ordeal, he didn’t need chemo, just an operation to cut it out and a watchful eye over him ever since!

We hoped that would be it for our family. We’d had our dose of cancer and it was enough thank you very much. How i wish it had stopped there.  How i wish the last year of tears, anger, operations and chemo didn’t have to happen! But there it was again, back with a vengeance! That horrid disease back in our lives with even more determination to disrupt everything!

Don’t take your life for granted! Let the little bad things go and celebrate the little good things! Love with your whole heart, dance like no one is watching and be who you want to be. You never know when this life you were given might be flipped on its head!


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