A new motivation!

I have always struggled with my weight… actually that’s a lie, I’ve quite enjoyed being the weight i am because it means i get to eat nice cakes! 

I’ve been on and off weight watchers for years for different reasons. I did quite well last year for my wedding and i think i lost about a stone and a half. I gave up for a few months after the wedding and then in the new year i rejoined for the 457th time.

This time feels different. I feel so much more motivated this time around. I think because it’s finally for me. I don’t have a time frame or a goal. I just want to be a fitter healthier version of myself!

I just stepped into the 17 stone bracket which i haven’t been in years and every 1lb i lose going forward is the lightest I’ve been since about 2008! It feels good! Its true, nothing tastes as good as skinny feels… ha! I’m not skinny… i never will be but you get the gist!

I need to be under 15 stones to jump out of a plane and id rather be well under that maximum threshold so I’m aiming for 13 stones as my goal for the jump. Its a long way off. Im thinking summer 2018 is a reasonanle achievable target.

Did you know 2lb a week is over 7st a year so by the time the weather is nice this year i might be there but to give myself a good go at this i think summer 2018 is when I’m going to put my life in the hands of a qualified tandem skydiver… and i cannot bloomin wait!


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