A Waiting Game!

Well my brother got the news today that he has Lynch Syndrome. I don’t know anywhere near enough about it as i should so i know what my weekend is going to consist of. Its basically a gene mutation where your cells are more likely to turn into cancer. Its a hereditary syndrome, which means either mum or dad passed it down so they will be checking me for the same thing.  The good news…. they know what they are looking for. The bad news… its flipping scary! I have a 50% chance that i inherited the same gene and there is a 50% chance if i do have it that i’ll have passed it on to my son. 

I had my Colonoscopy a few weeks ago which was horrendous on its own, let alone that they found two polypys which were sent off for testing so i may need to go through it all again in a matter of months.

I hate all the waiting around. I think its safe to say that ill be having colonoscopy’s regularly for the rest of my life! Bring on the Laxatives!

Just In Case

What happens when your dad has had bowel cancer, your mum has had bowel polyps and your big bro gets cancer EVERY FUCKING WHERE!?! You get watched!

As a family we are going through Genetics Testing. The doctors think there is a strong chance that my brother inherited a specific gene that made his cells more likely to turn into cancer cells. Even if this is the case it doesn’t mean i have the same genes and even if i do have those genes it doesn’t mean mine could be more likely to turn and even if they are it doesn’t mean they will but i can’t help but think what if they are/do!

Tomorrow i have to start a 3 day diet plan building up to a complete colon cleanse ready for a Colonoscopy on Tuesday. I’m not going to lie… I’m shitting it! No pun intended!

I’ve got a few people i know that have had them, my family excluded, so plenty of people that have told me all about what to expect and I’m not a wuss so i’m not that bothered by the actual procedure but what if we’re that unlucky as a family that I’ve got something wrong too??? What if i have to come home and tell my amazing husband and my darling son that mummy might not be well. My brother tells me not to worry, apparently he has enough cancer for all of us!

In other news, we are due to complete on buying our first ever house on Monday or Tuesday. I’m so worried it could be one of the best and one of the worst days of my life!

I don’t know how to help!

I imagine it’s hard for anyone to know exactly how to help or what to say when someone they love is going through Chemotherapy.

It doesn’t help when you add on the fact that they are 300 miles away. 

Other than sending cute drawings my 4 year old makes for his uncle and sending our love, there’s not much we can do from down here. 

My brother started his second round of chemo last week so i decided to send him a little care package. Noah did him a drawing and made him a super hero mask and i did research for the kind of things he might need. Most of it was probably useless but i have a feeling that it was the true meaning of “its the thought that counts”!

I’d love nothing more than to jump on a plane and go up there to just spend the day with him and give him a hug, not for any reason other than sometimes you just need a big brother hug. But fow now the drawings that don’t make sense and the magazines will have to do!

My Tagline…

When you start a new WordPress blog, it automatically generates the basics for you.  Your first blog post, a theme, page ideas and a tagline. I have changed everything on my blog, except the tag line because of all the examples it could have given me, it gave me that one!

“Love recognises no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope!”  Continue reading “My Tagline…”

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